With SeniorNet and SeniorHangouts you will never be alone again…

SeniorNet and SeniorHangouts are a community learning network that supports and motivates people to confidently use technology in their every day lives…

We specialise in computer skills training for seniors (aged 50 years and over). No matter what stage you are at in your digital journey be it beginner (little or no understanding of computers or mobile technologies), intermediate (relatively confident with technology and able to communicate online using social media, emails etc) or advanced (confident user of technology with a desire to learn more), we offer a wide range of training programs suited to your needs.

You will learn how to operate your computer (or laptop) and/or mobile phone (or tablet). We’ll show you how to connect with your loved ones and friends using social media and how to create and send emails with attachments, show you the basics of internet banking and online shopping while staying safe online. We’ll also help you access all those  government and local body websites you need to use these days. At SeniorNet and on SeniorHangouts, there are no silly questions – we encourage your questions and participation in a friendly sociable environment.

SeniorNet training is carried out in small informal groups and are hosted in our Learning Centres as well as places such as libraries, halls and other public venues across the country.

SeniorHangouts is our ‘popular meeting place for seniors online.’ SeniorHangouts evolved due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic with its enforced social isolation and ‘lockdown periods.’ SeniorHangouts is a hosted online platform where seniors learn from our tutors in the comfort of their armchairs and from the safety of their own homes.

So come and join the thousands of seniors having fun at SeniorNet and online through SeniorHangouts.

Important: Due to the need for personal safety as a result of Covid-19 we recommend you join both SeniorNet and SeniorHangouts. SeniorNet group classes will be suspended when required by lockdowns whereas SeniorHangouts continues offering you multiple online training sessions on a wide variety of topics every day.

To join or find out more about SeniorNet and SeniorHangouts please click here

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Latest Information

Google is proud to be associated with SeniorNet
During the lockdown, seniors throughout New Zealand are using the internet to keep on top of the latest Covid-19 news, purchase their groceries and stay in touch with family and friends. For those not online already, some everyday activities have become a struggle. That’s why Google New Zealand is sponsoring SeniorNet New Zealand in an effort to ensure all Kiwis are able to confidently use technology to remain independent and active in society. ...read more
Westpac is proud to be associated with SeniorNet
Westpac is proud to be associated with SeniorNet in supporting those in the 50+ age group in local communities to build up their confidence with banking technology. Westpac's vast network of branches throughout New Zealand are a great place to find out about online banking sessions being hosted at local SeniorNet Learning Centres. ...read more
You can now follow updates from the Office for Seniors on Facebook.
The Office for Seniors is pleased to announce that we have set up a Facebook page so we can share articles, research, images and news with you, online. Our Facebook page is a place where you can see positive ageing in action, and read about experiences from older people around New Zealand and around the world. We are dedicated to ensuring older New Zealanders are well connected, informed, independent and respected. To follow updates from our Facebook page, or to find out more, please visit and like us. https://www.facebook.com/OfficeforSeniors/ https://www.facebook.com/OfficeforSeniors/
To stay safe and secure online, check out the link below, on safety and security online.
CERT NZ is your first port of call when you need to report a cyber security problem. Cert supports businesses, organisations like SeniorNet and individuals affected by cyber security incidents, and provides trusted and authoritative information and advice. Watch the webinar on safety and security on line - for free! Cyber Security and Strong Passwords, presentation for SeniorNet members
AMI is proud to partner with SeniorNet to support older New Zealanders to build confidence with doing more online, including managing their insurance. With an increase in customers choosing to use online channels, AMI is investing in making their online insurance tools straightforward and user friendly. Partnering with SeniorNet makes navigating online insurance options like paying a bill, viewing an insurance policy or making a claim accessible for all members of the community.
AMI is supporting older adults to build confidence in doing more online, including managing their insurance by partnering with SeniorNet. With more Kiwis choosing to use online channels, AMI is investing in making your online insurance tools straightforward and easy to use. AMI’s and SeniorNet’s partnership means that those of us who need a little more support navigating online insurance options like paying a bill, viewing an insurance policy or making a claim can access this in a safe and friendly environment. AMI will pay the membership fee for any AMI customer, over the age of 50, who wishes to become a member of their local SeniorNet Learning Centre.

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