SeniorNet Success Stories – Gain skills and confidence

  • Zoom Sessions from June through to Beginning of July - With the closure of all face to face learning sessions due to Covid 19, Bayswater SeniorNet instituted regular Zoom sessions. These have proved very popular for members and visitors, and we have been fortunate to have many members from MSNAI(Mac SeniorNet Auckland Inc) attend as well. Zoom sessions planned for the next few weeks are listed below.  Until we leave Level 2 all sessions are free. At Level 1 there will be a a charge of $5 a session. Sessions… READ MORE
  • Skills and Confidence - With the skills and confidence I gained at SeniorNet I achieved more than I could ever have imagined. At the end of my first year at High School my teacher wrote on my report ‘Ruth has shown the ability to write short stories that capture the interest of the reader’ (or words to that effect!) There were two things I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’, one was to be a writer and the other was to be a… READ MORE
  • SeniorNet has enriched my life SeniorNet has enriched my life - By Noeline Taylor Join SeniorNet at least that is what the article said. As a rather inexperienced user of the computer these words caught my eye. Bravely I rang the number given and was immediately asked if I would like to tutor. Panic!! However this was soon sorted out and I attended the next meeting. It wasn't long before I found myself in a class for using the word processor, and, after eight lessons I felt competent enough to agree… READ MORE
  • OPEN DAY AT SENIORNET NELSON OPEN DAY AT SENIORNET NELSON - Every year Seniornet Nelson holds an Open day early in February. It is always held on a Saturday between 10am - 1 pm. A lot of preparation goes into making the day a success. This year was no different. The weather was fine and sunny, the preparation was complete and the crowds turned up in their numbers to find out about SeniorNet. The SeniorNet hall was set up with 6 members meeting and greeting arrivals. Some were our own members… READ MORE
  • Nelson Botanical Society appreciates our facilities. Nelson Botanical Society appreciates our facilities. - Recently the Nelson Botanical Society hired the SeniorNet Learning Centre to learn how to use a new interactive computer based key, which will enable identification of any of the 53 species of Coprosma currently recognized in New Zealand. Lindsay Hunter also attended, not just to keep a watchful eye on the computers, but also out of curiosity to see for himself how this web-based key works. A senior botanist gave an introduction on how to use the key. In general… READ MORE
  • Computer Lessons a Real God-send Computer Lessons a Real God-send - By Olga Fleming When I went along to the first meeting of SeniorNet at Wintec, Te Kuiti, in May 2001, there were four other people I knew so I decided to join. The age limit was 55 and over and as I was so much older I thought I had a bit of a cheek going. With my slight defect in hearing I could not always understand what our tutor was saying, but he being a great mime actor would… READ MORE
  • SeniorNet Horowhenua hosts Scaredy Cats SeniorNet Horowhenua hosts Scaredy Cats - A very sharp lady from the Waiopehu Women's Institure Travel Section (age 92) phoned me to see if we could come and speak to her group about computers as their families were bullying them to 'get with it' and most were scaredy cats about technology. She said there were about 12 of them - so instead we invited them to bring their questions to our classroom on their meeting day (during our holiday break) and have a session where they… READ MORE
  • SeniorNet Mac. Christchurch SeniorNet Mac. Christchurch - By Margaret Hatton The good news is that since Friday 1st April, SeniorNet Mac has been up and running. thanks to the generosity of our treasurer Margaret Harvey. Our Learning Centre is situated in the pool house at the Cranmer Centre [Old Christchurch Girl's High campus.] This solid concrete block edifice, built in the middle of last century, has withstood all the quakes while the old brick building, which up until then had been going to be repaired, was severely… READ MORE
  • You are never too old to learn You are never too old to learn - Pictured is Mrs Doris Williamson from Toko, who at the age of 91, is currently learning computing at SeniorNet Stratford. Mrs Williamson was a librarian at the National Library in Wellington for twenty years. In 1984, she retired to Newtown, and in the late 1990's, moved to Toko to be near to her family.At the age of 91, she decided to learn to use a computer "to keep up with the rest of the family." She came to SeniorNet Stratford… READ MORE
  • Horowhenua SeniorNet Success Story - My wife has been unwell for some time which is not unusual for us all as we get older. Her condition now confines her to bed which makes it more difficult for her to keep in touch with family events and celebrations. I try to keep her up to date with photos which I can take in to the nursing home on my regular visits, and I had this idea to get hold of one of those new automatic display… READ MORE
  • SeniorNet Kaitaia fighting against the odds SeniorNet Kaitaia fighting against the odds - SeniorNet Kaitaia, one of the Federation’s smaller Learning Centres, tells the following story of strength and perseverance, of determination to fight against the odds, Patricia’s story. This is the story not forgotten by the present tutors and assistants at SeniorNet Kaitaia: Patricia Blakeley first attended our Open Day in 2009. She lives at Kohukohu and attended classes every Friday morning, leaving home at an early hour to travel the 75 km’s to Kaitaia. When she joined, Patricia’s husband had recently… READ MORE
  • SeniorNet Nelson now has a Technical Interest Group SeniorNet Nelson now has a Technical Interest Group - Nelson is fortunate in that incoming President, Lindsay Hunter, is also a technical wizard, along with our Life Member and maintenance manager Graeme Valpy. Having established that there was interest from some members in gaining more knowledge of the inner working of computers, a Technical Interest Group (TIG) has been formed. Meetings are held monthly and since the inaugural meeting in February numbers have steadily increased, with 16 present in May. Topics covered so far have included how to change… READ MORE
  • Coromandel Senior Net - With a low population density in the western top half of the Coromandel Peninsula, Senior Net members are widely scattered and access to commercial computer support services can be either difficult or expensive to obtain. This applies to both hardware and software issues. Because of the difficulties associated with living in a rural area, the tutors offer where appropriate a home visit to problem-solve for members. Typical examples might include a computer running slow, printers stopping working, setting up a… READ MORE
  • Tricia’s Story - By Judy Wane We know we are a pretty diverse group at SeniorNet Warkworth and this was very well illustrated at the recent Skype workshop when one of our members, who is profoundly deaf, discovered the joy of communicating via Skype's video call feature, using sign language. She was aided and abetted in this by a hearing fellow member, skilled in the use of 'Sign', who, coincidentally, happened to attend the same workshop on that day. Two computers were set… READ MORE
  • Big changes at SeniorNet for 2011 Big changes at SeniorNet for 2011 - SeniorNet Warkworth are now set up with the latest technology to use in their teaching workshops. A brand new high spec i7 PC laptop connects to a massive 55 inch TV screen which displays crystal clear pictures in full daylight, and without the need to pull the blinds. We all know as the blinds come down, so do the eyelids, particularly as you get older. So this will be a much improved experience. To go with the new equipment SeniorNet… READ MORE