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Ads4AllAds4All offers a quick and easy way for all Kiwis, including SeniorNet members, to place classified adverts plus optional photos online, without having to use auction sites or pay large fees. In fact, during this startup period, all adverts are free. After that, all Community related adverts will continue to be so, while Private and Business related ones will be much more affordable than for TradeMe or eBay. Despite that, Ads4All matches TradeMe both in the depth and extent of categories and in geographic locations across New Zealand.

So, have a browse now at You’ll see categories for items, jobs, services, courses and community notices. To actually place adverts, you must first register. With a Private registration, you can place adverts for yourself or family members. If you are a Business representative, you can register as that as well. Similarly for Community related registration, which includes voluntary, charity or community interest groups, very much including SeniorNet and its branches.

For any advert you publish, you’ll have the option of editing or updating it later. That includes adding or replacing photos, of which you can have up to 6, although property-related adverts can include up to 12. If you need to view and/or edit any of your photos before uploading them, a good, free photo-editing program is Paint.NET.

The instructions for using Ads4All should be easy to follow but get back to us if not: you’ll see a “Contact Us” link top right of any page, together with an “FAQ” and an “About Us” one. To help grow Ads4All – apart from placing plenty of good adverts – please pass the word on to your friends and neighbours and, again, get back to us with comments and suggestions, including for new sub-categories and features you’d like to see.