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SeniorNet has enriched my life

By Noeline Taylor

Join SeniorNet at least that is what the article said. As a rather inexperienced user of the computer these words caught my eye. Bravely I rang the number given and was immediately asked if I would like to tutor. Panic!! However this was soon sorted out and I attended the next meeting.

It wasn’t long before I found myself in a class for using the word processor, and, after eight lessons I felt competent enough to agree to be an assistant tutor. Oh what a learning curve that was! There is no better way to learn a program than to assist in teaching it. Gradually I gained in confidence until I felt, able after the first year, to become the lead tutor in the course. I continued in this way, for about another year until I was an experienced SeniorNet tutor.

SeniorNet of course does not only teach wordprocessing, and I signed up for and undertook other courses such as file and folder management, spreadsheets (at which I was no good at all) Using the Internet and Using a Genealogy program. As I was a hobby genealogist I found this latter course of great assistance and have now graduated to teaching it at SeniorNet. Other courses that were available and caught my attention and attendance were photography and graphics. I am not gifted at either of these but I did enjoy them.

Our local branch of SeniorNet frequently does tutorials on subjects of interest to its members. Usually these subjects do not warrant a course as a demonstration of how to do the various things covered is of assistance to members, eg How to use Google, WinZip, Voice Recognition, Facebook and even How to text on your cellphone.

Every month, we have a meeting for all members of our branch. This allows the members to meet and mix and allows the committee to inform us of matters concerning the club. We have very interesting guest speakers and often a short address by one of the club members on something that is of interest to them. Many members take the opportunity to lunch together after the meeting is over. It is fun.

SeniorNet has enriched my life, enlarged my circle of friends and allowed me to help others. I just cannot wait to see what exciting subjects they will offer us in the future.

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Microsoft Software            Adobe SoftwareOrder directly online any current Microsoft or Adobe software and purchase at near wholesale prices, saving at least 30% off normal retail prices. The software will delivered directly to your home, often within 48 hours of placing the order. Simply click onto the Microsoft logo, Adobe Logo or View More button and you will be transferred to the site showing details of how to order and a current pricelist of the software. Only the popular software has been listed, so if the software you are looking for is not listed just enquire.


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ACP MediaPopular new Zealand magazines delivered to you home at a huge discount. ACP Media Ltd has kindly made available the is exclusive offer to members of the SeniorNet Federation, check out the discounts on the table below then call 0800MAGSHOP (0800 624 7467) to order. You will need to quote 307SNSNZ to get the SeniorNet member?s pricing.

12 Months SeniorNet Subscriptions Rate Card
Title – Consumer Term (months) No. of Issues Cover Price Full Retail SeniorNet Rates Discount Off Retail
Australian Women’s Weekly 12 12 $7.00 $84.00 $58.80 30%
Cleo 12 12 $7.20 $86.40 $71.71 17%
Fashion Quarterly 12 4 $10.00 $40.00 $34.80 13%
Home New Zealand 12 6 $10.00 $60.00 $45.00 25%
Metro 12 10 $9.50 $95.00 $66.50 30%
North & South 12 12 $8.20 $98.40 $67.90 31%
Next 12 12 $8.00 $96.00 $67.20 30%
Taste 12 11 $6.20 $68.20 $47.06 31%
Your Home & Garden 12 12 $7.40 $88.80 $59.50 33%
Womens Day 12 52 $4.10 $213.20 $149.24 30%
Little Treasures 12 6 $6.50 $39.00 $21.84 44%
Good Health 12 12 $7.50 $90.00 $55.80 38%
Lucky Break 12 51 $2.90 $147.90 $118.32 20%
Top Gear NZ 12 12 $9.50 $114.00 $76.38 33%
Farm Trader 12 12 $5.00 $60.00 $47.50 21%
Trade A Boat 12 12 $8.20 $98.40 $65.00 34%
NZ Motorcycle Trader & News 12 12 $8.20 $98.40 $65.00 34%
NZ Motohomes 12 12 $7.20 $86.40 $52.50 39%
Deals on Wheels 12 12 $6.00 $72.00 $55.00 24%

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Computer Hardware

PB Tech

12,000 products and a complete range of Computer Systems, Printers, Software, and the latest technology?.. in fact everything to do with computers. PB Technologies is certainly a superstore for computers. Significant discounts can be made by Federation SeniorNet Learning Centres and their members.

A special website has been constructed just for SeniorNet which automatically applies discounts to all their listed items except “clearouts” simply click onto the PB Technologies Logo above to take you to the site. When you get to the site you will need to enter the:

login: 55qc4tPlease note PB Technologies have branches in Takapuna, Hamilton, Wellington, and Dunedin, but at this time, the discounts only apply through their Penrose store, or by ordering online.

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Food for your computer

Computer Food

Computer Food was formed in 1996 to be a discount supplier of:

  • Ink and Toner Cartridges – both original OEM and a wide range of reliable, low priced compatible cartridges.
  • A wide variety of Photo papers including NZ’s lowest priced range
  • CD and DVD Media
  • Flash Cards for Digital Camera’s, Cell phones and MP3 players

Ordering can be done by phone or through its popular and easy to use web site

For SeniorNet Federation members we offer a discount of 5% off all our already discounted Ink & Toner cartridges, Paper and Media – even discounting items already on special. We deliver them Freight free to anywhere in New Zealand.

To order with this discount all you need to do is call our Free Phone line 0800 003663 and just mention you are a Member of the SeniorNet Federation.

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PrinterHQ specialises in supplying refurbished Ex Lease Laser Printers and consumables. We specialise in HP, Lexmark and Fuji Xerox Laser printers.

The company has been in operation since 1995. When you purchase a Laser printer from us, it will be backed by our multi-point pre-purchase check, refurbished to near new condition and receive our 120 day hassle free warranty.

Purchasers of these printers receive substantial savings over the cost of purchasing a new printer and secure many years of sustainable and cost effective printing as well. Most of the printers we sell have done a very low page count, are usually only 3 years or less old, and yet we will sell then for about 10-15% of the original price.

We support a network of experienced printer repair technicians across New Zealand, who are able to assist you with any printer issues may have.

You are also welcome to call our free helpline on 0800 225505 if you require assistance, with analysing a problem you may have with your printer.

We can also supply Toner, cables and additional trays when required.

Log on to our website and view the range of Laser Printers available. These prices include GST.

Senior Net clients can receive a 10% discount on any purchase of a Laser Printer when mentioning that they heard about us through SeniorNet. Sorry, this discount does not apply to Toners and Inkjet consumables. These prices are already low and the listed web price includes GST and free delivery throughout New Zealand.

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SeNCit Provides “Caring” Solution for the New Zealand Elderly
A new compact multi-function care monitoring device

A revolutionary, cost-effective and unique multi-care monitoring device, SeNCit is available online in the New Zealand market place.

SeNCit is a small, discreet monitoring device that helps you know when an individual may have had a fall or become incapacitated – without them having to raise the alarm.

It does this by monitoring movement in the home and, if no movement is detected when there should be, SeNCit will send a text message to your mobile phone so you can call to make sure everything is well.

SeNCit is available in the United Kingdom and is already a proven leader in the market. Its UK founders, Helen and Mark Bates, created this affordable piece of technology to offer an innovative solution to the aged care market and their families.

SeNCit New Zealand, who distributes SeNCit in Australasia like their UK counterparts believe this sophisticated technology, will significantly help the elderly, who are not getting any formal support lead independent lives in their own homes.

CEO, John Green says, “Nowadays, more families of the elderly are living away from their parents. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to be available to monitor their health closely. SeNCit now provides a solution to this problem, by alerting families or other relatives via a text message.”

“Because you can’t always be there.”

SeNCit is easy to install and can simply be attached to wall in a high traffic area within the home, like a hallway

With flexible, personalised settings, SeNCit will text nominated friends or relatives in the following situations:

  • No movement detected within the home when there should be.
  • When in security mode if movement is detected with in the house
  • Should the ambient temperature become too COLD or too HOT within the home
  • If there is a mains power cut or the SeNCit unit is unplugged
  • All Ok message that SeNCit is active with an update of all monitored conditions

Because alarm messages are sent directly to a carer’s mobile phones time delay is minimal.

SeNCit is available for purchase from $599 with free delivery, a pre-installed Vodafone Sim card and a low monthly communication cost of $15.00 per month on a 24 month contract.

SeN-Cit + D with wireless door sensor is $749 with free delivery a pre-installed Vodafone Sim card and a low monthly communication cost of $15.00 per month on a 24 month contract.

For more information visit,, to purchase call 0800 4 SENCIT(0800 736 248) or email (be sure to say you are a member of SeniorNet)

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Computer Lessons a Real God-send

By Olga Fleming

When I went along to the first meeting of SeniorNet at Wintec, Te Kuiti, in May 2001, there were four other people I knew so I decided to join. The age limit was 55 and over and as I was so much older I thought I had a bit of a cheek going.

With my slight defect in hearing I could not always understand what our tutor was saying, but he being a great mime actor would go through the actions so we could understand what it was all about. It was hilarious, but also on my part and that of some others, very hard to get to grips with. We would go up to the tea-room to have our cuppa, all red-faced, nervous and moaning: ‘I will never get the hang of this.’ I could never have imagined then what I have achieved over the last 10 years.

It was not long before we had our own computers, we had really caught the bug. We then learned about E-mail and were able to keep in contact with each other.

When my husband passed away 12 years ago, I didn’t know how I was going to fill in my time, even though I was still running a small business on my own, so the computer lessons were a real God-send to me. I love going to my class and have made wonderful friends there; the companionship has been just so marvellous. Also, I have always had a thirst for knowledge so any courses that were offered, I was a starter. I have gained Certificates in Achievement as follows:-

Grammar on LineThe Dollars and Sense in Writing 2003Art of Card Making and Essay WritingIntroduction to Digital Camera 2006Introduction to Digital Scrap-booking 2007Certificate in Computer Applications (Level 2) 2007Certificate in Information Communication Technology (Level 3) 2011

I am very grateful to our tutors, Josh and Elsie, all the Staff and Wintec for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It has really turned my life around.