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Big changes at SeniorNet for 2011

Big changes at SeniorNet for 2011

SeniorNet Warkworth are now set up with the latest technology to use in their teaching workshops. A brand new high spec i7 PC laptop connects to a massive 55 inch TV screen which displays crystal clear pictures in full daylight, and without the need to pull the blinds. We all know as the blinds come down, so do the eyelids, particularly as you get older. So this will be a much improved experience.

To go with the new equipment SeniorNet has revamped the teaching programme with the emphasis on demonstrations and hands on workshops, rather than the traditional 8 lesson courses. New technology, such as Ipads and E-books, will feature in the workshops programme, as well as the old faithfuls like digital cameras, and emails.

But wait there is more! We are now equipped with 4 of the latest Apple Mac computers, for hands on training of those with Macs, and for some with PCs who want to learn about a Mac. In addition we also have the latest Mac Pro which connects to the TV for the use of the demonstrator.

We are much indebted to the Lion Foundation, and to Pub Charities without whose financial help this re-equipping would be impossible.

To find out how you can be part of SeniorNet go to our website at or ring the Course Co-coordinator on 09 422 3728