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Coromandel Senior Net

With a low population density in the western top half of the Coromandel Peninsula, Senior Net members are widely scattered and access to commercial computer support services can be either difficult or expensive to obtain. This applies to both hardware and software issues.

Because of the difficulties associated with living in a rural area, the tutors offer where appropriate a home visit to problem-solve for members. Typical examples might include a computer running slow, printers stopping working, setting up a camera and Skype, configuring a new bit of software or hardware and so on. Relatively small problems like these examples can become a major issue for members if not addressed in a timely manner and even if commercial help is available, it is likely to be expensive relative to the size of the problem. On most occasions, these issues can be solved at tutor level but if not, they can give advice on how it can be resolved.

Members who avail themselves of this service make a strictly nominal contribution to club funds.