How AI Keeps Search Safe

Explanation of how Google is using artificial intelligence to better understand what you are searching for and helping you to steer clear of content you are not looking for.

SeniorHangouts Info Sheet

Info sheet explaining SeniorHangouts, who creates events, access tools, data use, future events, recordings, etc.   A comprehensive information sheet to hand out to SeniorNet members.

Using Zoom From a Meeting Room

Guide to the setup and equipment required to use Zoom with more two microphones from a meeting room to avoid the problem of feedback.

Guide to Setup LC Computers

The following document provides a guideline for setting up new pc’s for a learning centre.  The document includes guidelines for setting up a dual boot mode Windows 10 & 11 (you will need either 2 disks or a minimum of 512K SSD), Office 365 (ex Tech Soup), Microsoft Edge and standard desktop configuration used by SeniorNet Kapiti.

Link to Listing of SeniorHangouts Videos.

This link connects to a list of Senior Hangouts recordings that is updated regularly by Kevin Fletcher of SeniorNet Manawatu.   Clicking on the link in the attached file will open a “Google Sheets” file (similar to MS Excel or Apple Numbers).

You can search through the list to locate a topic of your choice.   Hovering your mouse over the (blue) title of your chosen topic will reveal a link to click on to access the recording.