Travel Tech


Travel Tech

SeniorNet Nelson Inc.

Resource length (1 session x 2 hours)


  • Trip Planning & Research
  • Budget & personal physical ability
  • Climate, Language, Political & Cultural Concerns
  • Booking & Travel Insurance
  • Health & Inoculations
  • Staying in touch with home

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Westpac – List of Class Topics

Brief description of the content of each class. Suitable to display as a poster in Learning Centres.  Provided by Westpac 15 June 2021.

Podcast Production

August 2020: 1 session. Producing a Podcast PowerPoint presentation for PC and Mac; Script; Sound recording; Tutor notes. NELSON: Roger Pittman

Getting the News

September 2019: 1 session. PowerPoint presentation & Notes for Tutors. Brief history of news gathering in NZ. Deadlines & Breaking news; The changing look of the news – TV, Radio & Newspaper. NELSON: Roger Pittman.

Signatures in Apple Mail PDF

July 2020 – 1 session. Create a Signature; Special Signatures, with photos & text boxes; Adding to an email. Bayswater & Mac Auckland: Len Cooper

Zoom Introduction

May 2020 – 1x2hrs. Download & Install app; Joining a meeting; Create account; Schedule a meeting; Security; Virtual Backgrounds; Adding Contacts; Version & Updates. Bream Bay: Nancy Edge

Google Meet: Version A

June 2020 – 1x2hrs. Setup; Schedule a meeting. Free for Gmail users on computers only at this stage. Pakuranga: Brian Erikson

Gmail & Related Programmes Workshop

March 2020 – 4x2hrs. Google account overview; Gmail inc. Folders, Send & Receive, Searching, Settings, Contacts, Add-ons; Calendar; Tasks & Keep. Manawatu – Updated John Gibsone