PowerPoint Introduction

May 2017 4 sessions – Google Drive Link. Making a first Presentation; Viewing and Saving a Show; Making a Photo Slide Show; Inserting Shapes; Adding Animation, Sound and Motion. Warkworth: Brian Oakes.

LibreOffice Draw PDF

July 2020 1 session. Investigate Layout; Free form erase; Cropping; Working with Fonts. Bayswater & Mac Auckland: Len Cooper

1. Title Page

Download this title page to put at the front of your notes if needed. Filling in the spaces will help us create the Hover box.

Intro to LibreOffice Draw

2019:  3 – 4 x 2 hrs. Includes use of a YouTube video. Objectives: To use LibreOffice Draw as a Publisher programme; Learn to use the basic functions; Publish a simple Newsletter and Poster. Dargaville: Heather Cashin


Sway Course

Nov 2018 – 1 x 2 hrs. Windows 10 – Digital storytelling app; adding text, videos, photos & sounds; themes; sharing; size limits; recording audio. Warkworth: Brian Oakes