Westpac – Confidence with Westpac One – Updated

Access the Westpac practise banking site to learn how to use an online banking site. For your members to practice in real time without the fear of making a mistake.  Provided for SeniorNet empowered by Westpac. Updated 23 March 2021

Browsers & Search Engines

YouTube Video: Aug 2020. What are they?; Different kinds; Role of each; Retrieve data & display on website. MOTUEKA: Clive Dyson.

Digging for Diamonds on YouTube

Jan 2020: 1 session. Suggestions on how to run Workshop for tutors; Signing In?; The Controls; Examples. MANAWATU John Gibsone.

Digital Legacy

July 2020 – 1 session. How to prepare websites that you have log-ins to prior to your death, and what can be done after. Warkworth: David Scott

Office Online & One Drive

Aug 2018 Workshop  Create & Share Office docs; Upload, Sync & Manage files; Working with Office online. Eden-Roskill