How AI Keeps Search Safe

Explanation of how Google is using artificial intelligence to better understand what you are searching for and helping you to steer clear of content you are not looking for.

Travel Tech


Travel Tech

SeniorNet Nelson Inc.

Resource length (1 session x 2 hours)


  • Trip Planning & Research
  • Budget & personal physical ability
  • Climate, Language, Political & Cultural Concerns
  • Booking & Travel Insurance
  • Health & Inoculations
  • Staying in touch with home

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Browsers & Search Engines

YouTube Video: Aug 2020. What are they?; Different kinds; Role of each; Retrieve data & display on website. MOTUEKA: Clive Dyson.

Digging for Diamonds on YouTube

Jan 2020: 1 session. Suggestions on how to run Workshop for tutors; Signing In?; The Controls; Examples. MANAWATU John Gibsone.

Digital Legacy

July 2020 – 1 session. How to prepare websites that you have log-ins to prior to your death, and what can be done after. Warkworth: David Scott

Office Online & One Drive

Aug 2018 Workshop  Create & Share Office docs; Upload, Sync & Manage files; Working with Office online. Eden-Roskill

Gmail & Related Programmes Workshop

March 2020 – 4x2hrs. Google account overview; Gmail inc. Folders, Send & Receive, Searching, Settings, Contacts, Add-ons; Calendar; Tasks & Keep. Manawatu – Updated John Gibsone