Guidelines for SeniorNet Federation Regional Representative Committee Members.

General Duties:

This position is generally accepted on a voluntary basis where the primary role is to assist in the governance of the Federation. This will necessitate being available for up to six (6) committee meetings a year. Usually there are two face-to-face meetings, one late January early February and the other at the Annual General Meeting with up to a further four (4) telephone conference calls. The calls will be arranged by the Executive Officer, as required.

It is expected that all committee members will be available to attend the Federation AGM. All travel costs associated with attendance at any official Federation meeting will be met by the Federation. In some instances due to required or unforeseen stay over time committee members may be reimbursed for accommodation.

Much of the Federation committee’s communication is by email. The number and frequency will vary. All communication between the committee is on the basis of “reply to all”

There are 8 members of the Federation Committee, each representing a region. Each regional representative is responsible for communicating with the Learning Centres within their region. This may be by personal visit, phone or email. They are to offer support and guidance and bring them up to date with Federation matters. Liaise with the Federation if there is a question you are unable to answer.

Each Regional committee member may also be required to organise or assist to organise, up to two Regional meetings per year. These would be arranged in conjunction with the Executive Officer.

Each Regional committee member should encourage Learning Centres, along with their members, in their region to attend and participate in Regional meetings, promotional activities and other gatherings.

Reimbursement of Regional Duty Expenses:
Reasonable reimbursement of expenses shall be met by the Federation, if the expense is incurred while carrying out a representative’s duties.
Acceptable vehicle expenses, based on a per kilometre rate, will be set by the Federation committee and reviewed annually. Other, out of pocket expenses, such as, air travel, accommodation, meals, parking etc could be considered.
All expense claims should be submitted to the Executive Officer.

Dated 12-03-14

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