Help for Learning Centres (Profiles)

This page is designed to provide help for Learning Centres in the use of the secure area of the SeniorNet Website and to manage their Profiles in particular

Every Learning Centre in New Zealand is registered on this website and can be found by clicking here, then searching the specific region in which they are located.

Alternatively, you can click on the New Zealand map on the right-hand side of this page. → → → →

Every Learning Centre has a unique logon (email address) and password (provided initially by the Federation Office). If your Learning Centre has lost its credentials, please contact the Executive Officer by clicking here and sending an email.

The following describes how to manage your Profile and Posts.

At the bottom of this page is a short video explanation which you might also find useful;

Logging In

  • To log in, click the padlock at the very bottom left of any page on this websiteHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles) (or select Resources in the main menu and click Login/Logout)
    • Log in using the credentials given to you by the Federation Executive Officer – email address and password
    • If you don’t have the credentials, please ask around your Learning Centre first – someone on your Committee should have them recorded and stored safely
    • To change your password, follow the instructions below (Account Info, Passwords) and please keep a record of the new password in a secure place where other authorised members of your Committee can find it
    • The Executive Officer cannot see and does not know your password!

Logging Out

  • Please remember to log out when you have finished making changes (using the button at the top of the profile page) Help for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • If the Edit Profile button says View Profile, you may not have saved your Profile changes yet!
  • Click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to lock in your changes before you log outHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)


Each Learning Centre is responsible for keeping all their information up to date.
The Federation Office does not keep this information up to date for you!
Profiles should be checked periodically and no less than once every year after your AGM

  • Once you have logged in, click View Profile
  • To start editing your profile, after logging in (via the padlock) and selecting your Learning Centre from the Location page, click the Edit Profile buttonHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Information in the Profile is used by the public and other Learning Centres to contact your Learning Centre

For safety, we suggest you save your Profile (using the Update Profile button) after each field is changed to prevent any lossHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)

Profile (tab)


Cover Image

  • The Cover Image can be anything you feel represents your Learning Centre or the area you are in.
  • The image you use should be a .jpg file
  • The maximum size of the image is 1313 x 300 pixels and it should be uploaded from your PC using Browse…
    This will add a new image or replace an existing imageHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Keep images between 50kb & 1Mb – large images will be rejected. Any other ratio of image offered will be centred and/or trimmed to fit.
    If you don’t like the resulting image you may have to play around with the original – eg trim it or crop it or find a more appropriately shaped image to fit
  • It is strongly recommended that you trim your image to the ratio of 1313 x 300 before uploading it to ensure you get what you want in the window.
  • If you use an image with fewer than 1313 x 300 pixels, it will be expanded to fit and could end up looking very fuzzy/pixelated
  • To remove the current image, click the Delete Image button

Display name

  • This is the name of your Learning Centre without the word SeniorNet (or Inc)
  • The Display Name is used in the Location List and it’s associated search
  • The Display Name is used to sort all the Learning Centres in a region into alphabetical order

Contact Name

  • The Contact Name given should be the person monitoring the email account (eg Office, Secretary) and/or someone who will respond to incoming messages from the public (or other Learning Centres/Federation)


Every Learning Centre should have an email address for members of the public (or other Learning Centres/Federation) to contact them

  • The email address given should be your official email address as published on your publicity material and it should always be monitored
  • The email address should be generic and not the personal address of any of your members (to avoid the risk of spam)
  • If you change the email address, remember that this will become the email address you use for all future logins
  • If your new email address is not yet known to this website, you get the following message Help for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • If you get the following messageHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)please contact the Executive Officer – the email you are entering is already in use on this website (ie there may be a duplicate entry which needs sorting out).


  • Enter a phone (with area code) which is always monitored (or at least has an answerphone/voicemail on it)
  • If you are using a mobile phone number, please include the prefix in brackets [eg (021), (027)….]


  • If you have a website, enter your website address (url without the http://)
  • If you do not have a website, leave this blank


  • If you have a Facebook page, enter the name by which members of the public can find you in the Search Facebook area


  • This is where you should describe your organisation
  • Say what you do, the type of courses you offer and any other pertinent information you think a member of the public would be interested in
    This is a chance to do a sales pitch to prospective new members
  • It is also recommended you keep a copy of your Bio on your Office PC in case you ever need to reload it



  • Enter the physical street address of your Learning Centre
  • If you use multiple addresses for training, use the most popular one
  • If you have no physical address enter your postal address instead


  • Enter the town or city of your Learning Centre


  • Enter the postal code (4 digits) for the address above

Please Select – Choose Learning Centre Region

  • Click the drop-down arrow and choose the Region your Learning Centre is located in
  • If you are unsure which Region you are in, please contact the Executive Officer by email

Map Location

  • Use the + and – to zoom in and out of the map
  • Click and drag the map to focus in on the actual location of your Learning Centre
  • Once you find your precise location, double (left) click the mouse to drop the pin onto the map
  • If you get it wrong, move to the correct location and double-click again



  • To change your Learning Centre’s password, log in, click Edit Profile then scroll down to the Account Info/ New Password area at the bottom.Help for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Type your new password into each of the fields and click Update Profile
  • Click Edit Profile to make further changes
  • Use the new password to log back in after you have logged out
  • Learning Centre passwords must be at least 12 characters long
    NB: old, shorter passwords no longer work and must be reset for you by the Executive Officer
  • Use the strength Indicator to ensure you have a secure password

Posts (tab)

Create a New Post

  • If you want to add a post about your Learning Centre choose Edit Profile then the POSTS tab
  • Click the Add New Post buttonHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Enter your message including images and formatting into the box
    Some knowledge of WordPress is useful but not absolutely necessary
  • Contact the Executive Officer if you are having problems creating the page you want
  • Click the CREATE button when finished

View, (and Delete) Existing Posts

  • If you want to see all the posts from your Learning Centre choose Edit Profile then the POSTS tab
  • Click the List Posts buttonHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Change a post by clicking the pencil iconHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)
  • Remove a post permanently by clicking the X buttonHelp for Learning Centres (Profiles)

The following video covers key aspects of Managing your Profile

How to edit your SeniorNet location profile