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Horowhenua SeniorNet Success Story

My wife has been unwell for some time which is not unusual for us all as we get older.

Her condition now confines her to bed which makes it more difficult for her to keep in touch with family events and celebrations.

I try to keep her up to date with photos which I can take in to the nursing home on my regular visits, and I had this idea to get hold of one of those new automatic display frames which play a constant show of family photos.

I joined the SeniorNet digital camera class to help me to download my pics on to a memory stick which I can plug directly into the display. Wow this worked brilliantly.

It has been a sadness for us for quite a few years that our grand daughter has settled overseas with her mother and has made a break with the family which seems too difficult to reconcile. Contact with her growing up has not been possible, but I was surprised to find some pictures of her on the Internet. Unfortunately though, my computer skills were too poor to enable me to share these with my wife.

What has been absolutely brilliant has been to find out through the SeniorNet Digital Camera class how I could copy these photos of my grand daughter also onto the memory stick to share with my wife. You can imagine how wonderful this has been for her.