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OPEN DAY AT SENIORNET NELSONEvery year Seniornet Nelson holds an Open day early in February. It is always held on a Saturday between 10am – 1 pm. A lot of preparation goes into making the day a success.

This year was no different. The weather was fine and sunny, the preparation was complete and the crowds turned up in their numbers to find out about SeniorNet.

The SeniorNet hall was set up with 6 members meeting and greeting arrivals. Some were our own members wanting to find out more about what courses they should take but most were people who wanted to keep up with today’s technology who either did not how to use a computer or wanted to up skill.

Tables were set up in the hall. Our treasurer and her assistant wrote receipts for new members, our Course coordinator and her assistant then put the new members into Meet and Greet sessions where they find out more about Nelson SeniorNet. Other members and tutors in the hall and the Learning Centre demonstrated our website and our courses and workshops. We also had tables and plenty of chairs around the hall for a cup of tea and a chat.

OPEN DAY AT SENIORNET NELSONThe day was very busy. As usual some people did not wait for the opening time but arrived before 9.30a.m.. We were ready for them because it happens every year so we are always ready for a 9.30 start. By 12.30pm our committee members, tutors and other volunteers, over 30 altogether, were pleased to see the crowd drop off. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we were able to shut the doors at 1pm.

Fifty six new members were signed up on the day which was 6 more than last year. Many others also took membership application forms away, some of which will be completed and returned in the coming weeks. There was a lot of talking and some of us were quite hoarse by the end. Our total membership has increased to 657.

This is only the start of the year. We now have to assimilate our new members into the fold. That means about seven Meet and Greet sessions, (every new member must attend a Meet & Greet), and lots of Introduction and refresher courses.

The year has started with a bang at Nelson SeniorNet and most of committee and tutors wouldn’t want it any other way.