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SeniorNet has enriched my life

By Noeline Taylor

Join SeniorNet at least that is what the article said. As a rather inexperienced user of the computer these words caught my eye. Bravely I rang the number given and was immediately asked if I would like to tutor. Panic!! However this was soon sorted out and I attended the next meeting.

It wasn’t long before I found myself in a class for using the word processor, and, after eight lessons I felt competent enough to agree to be an assistant tutor. Oh what a learning curve that was! There is no better way to learn a program than to assist in teaching it. Gradually I gained in confidence until I felt, able after the first year, to become the lead tutor in the course. I continued in this way, for about another year until I was an experienced SeniorNet tutor.

SeniorNet of course does not only teach wordprocessing, and I signed up for and undertook other courses such as file and folder management, spreadsheets (at which I was no good at all) Using the Internet and Using a Genealogy program. As I was a hobby genealogist I found this latter course of great assistance and have now graduated to teaching it at SeniorNet. Other courses that were available and caught my attention and attendance were photography and graphics. I am not gifted at either of these but I did enjoy them.

Our local branch of SeniorNet frequently does tutorials on subjects of interest to its members. Usually these subjects do not warrant a course as a demonstration of how to do the various things covered is of assistance to members, eg How to use Google, WinZip, Voice Recognition, Facebook and even How to text on your cellphone.

Every month, we have a meeting for all members of our branch. This allows the members to meet and mix and allows the committee to inform us of matters concerning the club. We have very interesting guest speakers and often a short address by one of the club members on something that is of interest to them. Many members take the opportunity to lunch together after the meeting is over. It is fun.

SeniorNet has enriched my life, enlarged my circle of friends and allowed me to help others. I just cannot wait to see what exciting subjects they will offer us in the future.