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SeniorNet Kapiti Inc- Find Out About Us

Welcome to SeniorNet Kapiti

If you live on the Kapiti Coast (or are thinking of moving here), please click here to visit our website where you can find all about what we’re doing at our Learning Centre. This is where you’ll find the latest information about our activities, courses, workshops and information that may be helpful to you for keeping up with the ever changing landscape of new, and often exciting, technology. SeniorNet Kapiti Inc, is here to help you learn and enjoy computing as well as the many computer and tablet applications available to you. Learn how to use a PC, laptop or tablet, use the internet, send emails, write letters and create other documents, as well as how to manage all your data and photographs.  Gosh, you’ll be able to show the grandchildren what to do for a change! Our Learning Centre (pictured at right) is at 200 Matai Road, Raumati Beach where you’ll find a warm cosy environment and a friendly bunch of over 50s either learning or tutoring the learners. Click here to go to our website Click here to see our recent newsletters