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Tricia’s Story

By Judy Wane

We know we are a pretty diverse group at SeniorNet Warkworth and this was very well illustrated at the recent Skype workshop when one of our members, who is profoundly deaf, discovered the joy of communicating via Skype’s video call feature, using sign language. She was aided and abetted in this by a hearing fellow member, skilled in the use of ‘Sign’, who, coincidentally, happened to attend the same workshop on that day.

Two computers were set up to enable students to try using Skype’s video call feature – our deaf member sat at one whilst the other was manned by our hearing member. After a brief run through the pair were away, using Sign to communicate with each other via Skype, face to face.

As the world of visual communication opened up for her, the look of delight on the face of our profoundly deaf member was memorable, to say the least. And the best part is that now she will be able to communicate visually and ‘talk’ with her Singapore – based son.

It was a revelation to all of us and really brought home the limitless capabilities of the modern technology and the endless variety of skills and talents that our members bring to our Society.